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Holocaust For Dolphins And Sharks In Peru

Campaign Launched to End Slaughter of Dolphins in Peru

An international effort to end the brutal slaughter of dolphins in Peru has been initiated by a coalition of marine conservation organizations headed up by and Peruvian-based Mundo Azul. The campaign is aimed at fishing practices that rely on killing dolphins to use as shark bait. [ More ]
Holocaust For Dolphins And Sharks In Peru  

Taiji One of Many Places Where Dolphins Are Killed

After U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy tweeted that she is ³concerned about the inhumaneness³ of the dolphin hunt at Taiji world attention was once again focused on that small village east of Osaka. Sadly, Taiji is not the only place in the world where dolphins are killed. [ More ]

Holocaust For Dolphins And Sharks In Peru  

Holocaust for Dolphins and Sharks in Peru

As many as fifteen thousand dolphins are killed yearly for use as shark bait and human consumption by Peruvian fishermen. A BlueVoice/Mundo Azul expedition has returned with damning evidence of the massive hunt for dolphins. [ More ]

Fighting to Save Dolphins from Japan Dolphin Slaughters  

Massive die-off of Dolphins in Peru

BlueVoice Executive Director Hardy Jones and Dr. Carlos Yaipen-Llanos went to the scene and counted 615 dead dolphins within 135 kilometers. Reaction has been worldwide. Tests to determine the cause are ongoing. Read Dr. Yaipen-Llanos’ report of his initial findings. [ More ]
Fighting to Save Dolphins from Japan Dolphin Slaughters  

Save The Dolphins

Members of BlueVoice have spent decades with dolphins in the wild, coming to know them on a very personal basis, seeing their close family and social relationships. So, we are particularly horrified by the killing or capturing of dolphins. The dolphins we know from the Bahamas and French Polynesia are very real fellow creatures. So are the dolphins we see captured and killed. [ More ]
Dolphin Captivity

Dolphins In Captivity

Dolphins in captivity have become a huge business. Where once the odd aquarium in Florida or California had a dolphin show, today dolphins are kept in mega amusement parks, swim-with programs in harbors, in casinos and even shopping malls.
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Dolphin Communication

Dolphin Communication

Keeping highly intelligent animals such as dolphins in captivity is extremely cruel. Many dolphins die in the capture process. The dolphins who are captured are taken from their families. They are condemned to spend the rest of their lives in cement tanks, often in unsanitary conditions, forced to perform tricks for food.
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Chopper the Dolphin

One Dolphin's Life

We have known the dolphin we call Chopper for more than twenty years. This is the story of an interspecies friendship
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Ocean Acrobats: The World of the Spinner Dolphin

Spinner Dolphins

Read the final narration script for our film Ocean Acrobats: The World of the Spinner Dolphin. It has lots of information about spinners in Hawaii and Tahiti and the problems spinners still face from the tuna Fishery.
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Information about Dolphins

Amazing Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are large brained, air breathing mammals which nurse their young. They are not fish.
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Pink Dolphins

The Pink Dolphins of Hong Kong

They look from a distance like beluga whales - totally white. They are called pink dolphins but they are not often pink; generally white when adults. But when they are pink it is a flaming cotton candy pink. An amazing sight.
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