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It is an easy, secure, on-line sign-up and then when you use your credit card to shop at any eScrip retailer a percentage of your purchase is automatically donated to by the merchant. A list of retailers in your area who participate in this program is listed on the eScrip site.  The only exception is Safeway (who only donate to schools).   But you do not need to even know if your retailer is an eScrip affiliate. The whole thing is automatic once you register your credit card and select as your choice of charity. Please note that signing up for eScrip does not affect your credit card mileage programs.

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Urgent Needs needs equipment in order to expand our live webcasting work. Most urgently we need a Mac Titanium G4 laptop and a Videophone -- the kind of satellite phone used to transmit video. If you can donate any of these items, please contact

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ECOVIDEO WITNESS uses the internet to stream video of the marvels and the horrors taking place in our oceans.

If you capture important video contact us.


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