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Threats to Killer Whales

Killer Whales - Orcas

Killer Whales

Killer whales are the largest of the dolphins and have brains four times larger than humans. They are also known as orca whales. While they are powerful predators they have never been known to attack humans in the wild. They eat fish and marine mammals.
Killer Whales – Orcas – PCB contamination

San Juan Orcas on the brink from PCB contamination

These are some of the most known and beloved marine mammals on earth. Now they may be the most contaminated mammals on earth. Because of the high concentration of PCBs in their tissues, the orcas’ immune systems are depressed, their reproductive systems don’t develop and first born calves often die.
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Capture of Killer Whale Orca Pod in Taiji Japan

A Pod is Lost, Capture of Orca Family at Taiji, Japan

On February 7th 1997, 10 orcas were driven into Hatajiri Bay, in Wakayama Prefecture and five were sold to aquariums for a total of 120 million yen (US$1 Million).
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