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The Price Dolphins Pay to Entertain Us

Dolphin captivity is cruel and is working and fighting to oppose dolphin captivity.

Cruelty of Dolphin Captivity  

Dolphins In Captivity - The Harsh Truth

Keeping highly intelligent animals such as dolphins in captivity is extremely cruel. Many dolphins die in the capture process.  The dolphins who are captured are taken from their families.  They are condemned to spend the rest of their lives in cement tanks, often in unsanitary conditions, forced to perform tricks for food. 
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Cruelty of Swim with Dolphins Programs

Hideous Dolphin Display Near Osaka, Japan: The Cruel Reality of Dolphin Swim-with Programs

People's love for dolphins has lead to a cruel business.  Looking at the dolphins at a swim-with program you could image that they were happy.  But the harsh reality is that it is a prison sentence for a dolphin, who must "behave" day in and day out in a confined space for the rest of its life. 
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Dolphin Slaughters connected to Dolphin Captivity

Aquarium industry spurs dolphin slaughter

People's love for dolphins has led to a cruel business.  Hundreds of dolphins are slaughtered in the process. The increase in demand for live dolphins, captured and shipped to aquariums and swim-with programs around the world, has created a huge incentive for fishermen to step-up the dolphin drives which result in so may brutal deaths.
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