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Ocean Contamination

  The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Marine Mammals
The impact of humans has now reached every square mile of Earth’s oceans and the implications are ominous for ocean creatures and humans alike. Scientists are finding higher and higher levels of man-made chemicals in marine mammals. Whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions are suffering dramatic rises in devastating and even deadly illnesses. [ more ]

The Toxins in our Environment - Persistent Organic Pollutants [ Fact Sheet ] [ Download PDF ]

  Link between ocean toxins and human blood cancers has joined Dr. Brian Durie, an internationally recognized specialist in the bone marrow cancer Multiple Myeloma, in conducting research correlating populations of marine mammals burdened by high levels of toxins with human cancer hot spots on adjacent shores. Read Dr. Durie’s paper on genetic susceptibility to pollutants in some human beings.
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  The Arctic - an indicator of a global problem
This Inuit woman faces a wrenching decision - give up breast feeding her son and deprive him of essential antibodies and other benefits of mother's milk or continue breast feeding him knowing he will ingest PCBs, mercury and other chemical contaminants. The Arctic environment contains high concentrations of contaminants produced thousands of miles away, and we need to understand that what happens to the Arctic and its people can happen to us all.
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Mercury Contaminated Fish Linked to Fetus Damage
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 1 in 6 pregnant women has enough mercury in her blood to pose health risks to her developing baby. This exposure to mercury in the womb puts over 600,000 babies each year at risk for birth defects or learning disabilities.
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Fish in Your Diet - Not Health Food Anymore
If you eat a lot of fish, you may be risking your health. We have all been told that eating fish is an important part of a balanced diet. But new studies are raising concerns about the unsafe levels of mercury and other contaminants found in fish. Mercury poisoning has been shown to affect people of all ages.
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San Juan Orcas on the brink
These are some of the most known and beloved marine mammals on earth. Now they may be the most contaminated mammals on earth. Because of the high concentration of PCBs in their tissues, the orcas’ immune systems are depressed, their reproductive systems don’t develop and first born calves often die.
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Dolphin Meat Obtained In Japanese Drive Fisheries: Toxic To Humans
The brutal annual slaughter of dolphins at places like Futo and Taiji, Japan is not only an act of extreme cruelty to highly sentient animals. It is deceptive and harmful to the consumer of the meat derived from these kills. These slaughters resumed in October, 2000.
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