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Fighting To Save Dolphins

With your help we are ending the pitiless killing of dolphins in Japan and elsewhere. Click on the links below to learn more and to help save dolphins.



Fighting to Save Dolphins from Japan Dolphin Slaughters

End Dolphin Slaughters

Fishermen in Japan kill some 20-thousand dolphins a year. Over 2,000 are killed in the cove at Hatajiri Bay in Taiji. Another 18,000 are killed in the waters of northern Japan. reports of these dreadful events have shocked the world. The public has responded with an avalanche of protest. We must continue our work on the ground in Japan. [ More ]
Mercury, PCBs and toxins in Dolphin Meat

Expose sale of contaminated dolphin meat

Dolphin meat is highly contaminated by mercury and chemicals such as PCBs. Dolphin meat sold in Japan violates Japanese health regulations. Publicizing this is a sad but effective way to end dolphin killing. [ More ]
Dolphin Captures and Captivity

End capture of dolphins for swim-withs and aquariums

Keeping highly intelligent animals such as dolphins in captivity is extremely cruel. Many dolphins die in the capture process and money from the captivity industry spurs dolphin hunting. BlueVoice documents this connection.  [ More ]
Futo Japan Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching Can Replace Hunting

Izumi Ishii, former head of dolphin hunting at Futo, now operates dolphin-watching trips. He has become internationally famous as a spokesman for dolphin protection. Learn how BlueVoice works with Mr. Ishii and read the miraculous story of the first voyage--a first step to end the slaughters. [ More ]




QuicktimeVideos of Dolphin Slaughters in Japan. Warning: These video clips are very graphic.

Dolphins headed for swim-with program.

Dolphin being confined to bay.

Dolphins being trucked to slaughter house.

Photos and Video ©Elsa Nature Conservancy

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