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  Busted: BlueVoice Team Documents Shark Finning in Peru
Sharks - most of them undersized - are brought to shore and finned. Peru is well on its way to wiping out the shark populations along its coast. The sharks are fished using bait from dolphins that the fishermen harpoon. [ More ]

  Shark Finning: Cruel and Devastating to World’s Sharks
Shark finning is a dreadful practice that worldwide has decimated shark populations. The shark fins are used solely for shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy. The rest of the shark is dumped, often still alive, back into the sea as trash. [ More ]
  Shark Fishery, Northern Japan
An investigation financed by has documented the horrific shark fishery that takes place in Northern Japan.
[ See Video ]
  Shark Central
Shark! Just the name evokes powerful images of teeth, jaws and powerful attacks. But is this image truly warranted? The answer, quite simply, is no. Sharks are indeed successful predators, a testament to their longevity. Sharks have remained virtually unchanged for over 40 million years and inhabit every ocean on the planet. The images we have of sharks, often portrayed in movies, are only one aspect of this spectacular fish. [ More ]

Watch a video of sharks and dolphins at Rangiroa

  Sharks - Up Close
by Jim Abernethy

Explore the amazing beauty and life of sharks with one of the world's most experienced sharks divers. Through stunning imagery and educational text, the reader is sure to come away with a new appreciation for sharks and their plight for survival. Sharks - Up Close is filled with information on sharks — from their unique anatomy to behaviors rarely seen. Click to order





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