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Among Dolphins

Video: Swimming Among Dolphins

Length: 4:17 minutes

Description: Experience being amidst a pod of dolphins, listen to their complex clicks and whistles. Imagine what they are experiencing and communicating.

Taiji To China Shark Aborts Fetuses on Peru Fishing Boat :07  
Taiji To China Sale of Baby Shark in Peru Market :24  
Taiji To China Taiji Dolphins To China By Truck & Air 5:08 1/22/14
Dolphins protect human Holocaust for Dolphins in Peru 3:05 10/16/13
Dolphins protect human Catastrophe For Dolphins In Peru 6:11 04/03/12
Dolphins protect human The Cove of Dead Dolphins in Summer 1:49 08/10/12
Dolphins protect human Dolphins Protect Cameraman from Hammerhead Shark 1:05 11/02/11
Ocean Acrobats Ocean Acrobats: The Spinner Dolphins (Open) 1:50 11/02/11
Killing at Taiji Killing Dolphins at Taiji is Slow and Cruel 1:30 9/07/11
A Shared Fate Singing Whales Under The Gun 5:02 7/05/11
Shark Fishery Japan Shark Fishery Japan 3:14 4/28/10
A Shared Fate Dolphin Captivity Funds Dolphin Slaughter 1:58 6/06/11
A Shared Fate Wild Dolphins Play with Toy Fish :18 6/01/11
A Shared Fate Curious humpback calf :17 5/18/11
A Shared Fate A humpback whale sings 1:09 5/18/11
A Shared Fate Newborn humpback whale nursing :58 12/29/10
A Shared Fate Bottlenose dolphins observe themselves :54 11/23/10
Requiem for the Orcas Requiem for the Orcas 4:39 2/9/07
A Shared Fate Talking with Sea Lions 1:32 07/09/08
A Shared Fate A Shared Fate 15:00 06/23/08
Matt Damon Narrates Effort to Stop Dolphin Slaughter Matt Damon Narrates Story of BlueVoice’s Effort to Stop Dolphin Slaughter 4:27 4/13/07
A Shared Fate Where Dolphins Meet Sharks - Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 9 Episodes 11/3/09
Friendly Whale Dolphin Hunter becomes Dolphin Watcher 5:22 9/21/06
Humpback Whales Mating Humpback Whales Mating 3:14 3/21/07
Fight to Save Pilot Whales Fight to Save Pilot Whales 10:05 10/26/07
Dolphins Meet Sharks at Rangiroa Dolphins Meet Sharks at Rangiroa 5:34 1/14/07
What Children Know Japanese Children Know About Dolphin Slaughter 2:55 9/14/07
Friendly Humpback Whale Friendly Humpback Whale 1:27 2/6/07
Capture of Rissos Dolphins, Taiji, Japan Capture of Rissos Dolphins, Taiji, Japan 7:12 11/15/06
Japan Scientist Warns of Mercury in Dolphin Meat Japan Scientist Warns of Mercury in Dolphin Meat 1.38 9/20/07
The Truth About Dolphin Captivity The Truth About Dolphin Captivity 6:22 9/30/06
Miracle of the Manta Miracle of the Manta 8:38 9/21/06
Among Dolphins Among Dolphins 4:17 9/21/06

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