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Rangi Dolphins

Video: Bottlenose Dolphins

Length: 4:39 minutes

Bottlenose dolphins observe themselves in the dome port of cameraman Hardy Jones 20 feet deep off Rangiroa Atoll. This behavior duplicates experiments done with mirrors that show dolphins are self-aware.

Taiji To China Shark Aborts Fetuses on Peru Fishing Boat :07  
Taiji To China Sale of Baby Shark in Peru Market :24  
Taiji To China Taiji Dolphins To China By Truck & Air 5:08 1/22/14
Dolphins protect human Holocaust for Dolphins in Peru 3:05 10/16/13
Dolphins protect human Catastrophe For Dolphins In Peru 6:11 04/03/12
Dolphins protect human The Cove of Dead Dolphins in Summer 1:49 08/10/12
Dolphins protect human Dolphins Protect Cameraman from Hammerhead Shark 1:05 11/02/11
Ocean Acrobats Ocean Acrobats: The Spinner Dolphins (Open) 1:50 11/02/11
Killing at Taiji Killing Dolphins at Taiji is Slow and Cruel 1:30 9/07/11
A Shared Fate Singing Whales Under The Gun 5:02 7/05/11
Shark Fishery Japan Shark Fishery Japan 3:14 4/28/10
A Shared Fate Dolphin Captivity Funds Dolphin Slaughter 1:58 6/06/11
A Shared Fate Wild Dolphins Play with Toy Fish :18 6/01/11
A Shared Fate Curious humpback calf :17 5/18/11
A Shared Fate A humpback whale sings 1:09 5/18/11
A Shared Fate Newborn humpback whale nursing :58 12/29/10
A Shared Fate Bottlenose dolphins observe themselves :54 11/23/10
Requiem for the Orcas Requiem for the Orcas 4:39 2/9/07
A Shared Fate Talking with Sea Lions 1:32 07/09/08
A Shared Fate A Shared Fate 15:00 06/23/08
Matt Damon Narrates Effort to Stop Dolphin Slaughter Matt Damon Narrates Story of BlueVoice’s Effort to Stop Dolphin Slaughter 4:27 4/13/07
A Shared Fate Where Dolphins Meet Sharks - Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 9 Episodes 11/3/09
Friendly Whale Dolphin Hunter becomes Dolphin Watcher 5:22 9/21/06
Humpback Whales Mating Humpback Whales Mating 3:14 3/21/07
Fight to Save Pilot Whales Fight to Save Pilot Whales 10:05 10/26/07
Dolphins Meet Sharks at Rangiroa Dolphins Meet Sharks at Rangiroa 5:34 1/14/07
What Children Know Japanese Children Know About Dolphin Slaughter 2:55 9/14/07
Friendly Humpback Whale Friendly Humpback Whale 1:27 2/6/07
Capture of Rissos Dolphins, Taiji, Japan Capture of Rissos Dolphins, Taiji, Japan 7:12 11/15/06
Japan Scientist Warns of Mercury in Dolphin Meat Japan Scientist Warns of Mercury in Dolphin Meat 1.38 9/20/07
The Truth About Dolphin Captivity The Truth About Dolphin Captivity 6:22 9/30/06
Miracle of the Manta Miracle of the Manta 8:38 9/21/06
Among Dolphins Among Dolphins 4:17 9/21/06

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