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There are many threats to whales around the world and is working to help end these threats.


Greenland Hunting Humpback Whales  

Humpbacks under the gun

There is a new and serious threat to humpback whales, some of the most beloved animals on earth. The whales under the gun are those that migrate as far as Greenland along the eastern seaboard of North America. Greenlandic whalers killed at least eight humpback whales during the late summer. In doing so they violated conditions of the permit from the IWC, which had granted a quota to kill humpbacks, but was not to start until October. [ more ]
Toxins in Whale & Dolphin Meat  

Whale and Dolphin Meat Contains Dangerous Levels of Toxins

World Fisheries Imperiled by Pollution of Ocean Environment
Those who consume whale and dolphin meat are not only perpetrating a crime against some of the most magnificent animals on earth, they are eating a deadly diet. This meat consumed in Norway and Japan may contain high concentrations of some of the world's most dangerous toxins. [ More ]
Antarctic Whaling  

Whaling in Antarctica – a tale of slaughter

Herman Melville made the hunt for Moby Dick sound like a noble pitting of man’s wits against a ferocious leviathan of the sea. But the history of man’s killing of these giant creatures is a bloody tale of persecution, greed, and stupidity. [ More ]
Whale & Dolphin Meat in Pet Food  

Japan’s Whale and Dolphin Meat Appearing in Pet Food

Japan claims its whale and dolphin killing practices are an important part of their heritage, and therefore necessary. 1,035 tons of whale meat is in the markets for human consumption. Now, in what appears to be a desperate move to rid itself of some of 2,700 tons of unwanted whale meat, the industry has put some of its products into pet food. The public isn’t buying it. So it’s come to this. Whale meat in pet food. [ More ]
Why did the Gray Whales  Die?

Mystery: Why Did the Gray Whales Die?

Between 1999 and 2001 Gray Whales died in unprecedented numbers along the western coast of North America from Baja California to Alaska. [ More ]
Southern Humpback Whales  

Encounters with Southern Humpbacks In Rurutu

The renowned French videographer, David Martin, has just field a report to BlueVoice of his effort to identify individual humpback whales off the French Polynesian isalnd of Rurtru. [ Read article in French and English ]


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